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I am a Scottish watercolour artist, based in Fife.  My watercolours reflect optimism and humour with a base of vibrant colour. This is my web gallery and it brings you a taste of my art. I hope you enjoy. 
Although landscapes are my main focus, I enjoy all aspects of the visual arts including, figurative, abstract, charicature, still life and architectural. I also enjoy sculpting wood and stone and engraving.

All web sites have limitations, and art needs to be seen. I can send you a card and or a print of any work I have available. I can direct you to the nearest gallery that stocks my work. I can carry out sketches and make proposals. Please email me to enquire about anything that takes your fancy, or just to say hello...

You can use the contact sheet in the contacts page to email me. Or just click on my email address.




All images are copyright of glencraigart. Please contact the publisher for permission to copy.